Warrior Selection


AIT’s Warrior Selection assessment technology provides configurable assessments for any military occupational specialty (MOS). Measuring 25 key traits needed for the most extreme job tasks – including grit, adaptability, mental endurance, teamwork, and leadership – we provide the tools to effectively and accurately match warriors to work.

Algorithmic Warfare


Cognitive Readiness for Extreme Environments

The taxing physical and psychological demands of military missions means that the “worst-case scenario” needs to be practiced every day. AIT’s suite of personalized learning and assessment systems present a relentless battery of problem situations tailored to the individual trainee – providing exactly the right challenge at the right time.


Adaptive Training

Our tailored training solutions immerse the user in a realistic job environment, continuously and seamlessly adapting to the learner’s skill level to create a consistent, personalized challenge. AIT’s adaptive scenario generation engine (developed via the Office of Naval Research’s SBIR program) supports rapid content development, sequencing, and customization of training scenarios to target unique skill profiles throughout training.

Military/Defense Project Profiles