AIT creates game-based pre-employment assessments to help clients select, retain, and develop top talent. Our industry leadership in applying artificial intelligence to adaptive games was forged in DoD research to develop cutting-edge methods to select candidates for the most demanding, extreme military missions. This same technology drives AIT’s game-based products for industry, which immerse the applicant in simulated, interactive work challenges – predicting real-world job performance in over 1,100 industry and military job titles.


AIT’s suite of technology-enabled assessments combine leading-edge methods that allow applicants to demonstrate their job-related strengths and weaknesses in a fair, honest, and engaging way. Using a combination of innovative question formats, fake-resistant test content, predictive and interpretable scoring methods, and sound performance prediction validation, AIT assessments let applicants preview their future job - and hiring managers preview applicants’ future performance.


Stealth Assessment

AIT’s proprietary stealth assessment technology was forged in cutting-edge military performance prediction research. This technology enables an engaging gameplay experience for candidates while extracting serious metrics on their future job performance – behind the scenes.